If you are expecting your Chimney sweep to dance his way to your door singing chim-chim-cheroo, well you can relax. Today’s chimney sweep is a well equipped professional service engineer.

There should be no dust, mess or fuss.Sweeping is important and not just because a chimney is safer from fire but because it is a very important exit route for gases. If the chimney is blocked with soot, masonry or nests or if damaged it could cause the toxic gasses, such as carbon monoxide to be exhausted into your home.

Lack of ventilation is another problem that sweeps often come across. Fire needs oxygen, it’s simply science. But a rule, which if broken by not providing sufficient dedicated ventilation, could result in exposure to dangerous carbon monoxide gases.

A Professional Chimney Sweeping Business will provide a ventilation smoke testing and safety checks as part of the service. They will obviously sweep the chimney and explain any concerns they may have.

We can also provide a certificate which is a pretty standard insurance requirement

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A &E Professional Chimney Sweep operates throughout the County Durham region, ensuring the safety, cleanliness and comfort of your fireplaces and appliances. We offer a professional Chimney Sweeping service to the highest standards, giving your chimney the clean sweep it deserves. We offer advice on any problems you may encounter (eg smoking back, overburning, creosote buildup). Our focus is primarily on safety: lack of cleaning increases the risk of chimney fires and sootfalls, can result in Carbon Monoxide and other poisonous gases entering your dwelling, and reduces the lifespan of the building structure.

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